The album overlays are available free from Komodo Media, Sexy Music Album Overlays


Basic Usage

	apikey: '',
	username: '',
	method: 'getTopArtists',
	period: 'overall',
	success: function(results) { ... },
	error: function(error) { ... }

Example Usage

	apikey: '',
	username: 'freak2532',
	method: 'getRecentTracks',
	period: 'overall',
	success: function(results) {
		$(results).each(function() {
			html += '<p><strong>Artist</strong>: '' (mbid: '+this.artist.mbid+')<br />';
			html += '<strong>Track</strong>: ''<br />';
			html += '<strong>Album</strong>: '' (mbid: '+this.album.mbid+')<br />';
			html += '<strong>Link</strong>: <a href="''">''</a><br />';
			html += '<strong>Streamable</strong>: '+this.streamable+'<br />';
			html += '<strong>Images</strong>:<br />';
			html += '<img src="'+this.image.extralarge+'"> <img src="'+this.image.large+'"> <img src="'+this.image.medium+'"> <img src="'+this.image.small+'"></p>';
	error: function(error) {


For a complete list of the available data returned for each method visit the wiki. It outlines each method along with the available data for each and example usage. More details on customizing including demos are coming soon.


I have tried to make this plugin as simple as can be. You specify a few options including api key, username, method and limit (other methods might have more options) and it returns an array full of data for you to do with as you please. There shouldn't really be any other info required. You can see the example above as well as view source on this page to see the code powering the demo (js code in /scripts/common.js).


Q: Where do I get an API Key?

You can get your API Key after logging into the Last.FM website and going here: An API Key is required when using this plugin to get data from

Q: I have a question or am having a problem!

If you have any issues with simpleLastFM you can submit an issue on GitHub. Please provide as much detail as you can on the issue and a url to view the issue. This plugin is used on many sites without problems so without seeing the code causing your issue it will be hard to help.

Source Code

simpleLastFM is open source with the code available on GitHub. Like jQuery itself, this code can be licensed under the MIT License or GPL.